Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are more than a perfume store. Natural Evasion is a vision based on 4 pillars:


Our products are developed based on the natural resources that our planet has to offer. This rich diversity makes it hard for you to explore every scent everyhwere! That’s why our goal is to make unique and authentic natural scents within your reach.



It is often said that the simplest things in life are the best. Make it simple but unique is our motto. While most products on the market use a wide range of different and synthetic components, Natural Evasion returns to the source: simplicity. Thus our products are devoid of additives such as dyes, UV filters, etc …


When making our products, we make sure the best raw materials and natural essences are used. We also pay attention to their impact on the environment. 



At Natural Evasion we have one goal: making you travel around the world. We design our products in such a way that they are unique so you can get closer to the original scents: you can walk in the Egyptian geranium fields, browse the cardamom plantations in Guatemala or even climb in the aromatic highlands in New Caledonia.

Natural Evasion aims at offering you a varied range of natural and simple products but of high quality. Our ultimate objective is to make you travel around the world through our exotic scents.