Our Story

Our Story

Natural Evasion is more than friendship, it’s a family story!


First Meeting


Kevin Leclercq (15 years old) and Nikias Bertrand (17 years old) meet for the first time in high school thanks to a mutual friend. A close friendship developed between them and a few months later, they shared one dream:  building a company together. They knew that they needed to gain experience in order to realise their dream.


Different Paths

lab-217041_640 copy

Kevin decides to study Chemistry at Université Blaise Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand in France, his long-lived passion.

Pub in Manchester

Nikias enrolls in a BSc Business Management with Marketing at the University of Salford in England to develop his skills in the marketing world.


Things Are Getting Serious

Logo of IFF of Grasse

Kevin joins one of the biggest perfume companies in the world: the IFF of Grasse in France. The idea of Natural Evasion is starting to take shape…

Logo of Sandhills Publishing

Nikias has a 6 years work experience at Sandhills East during which he got promoted as a Marketing Territory Manager. His gained valuable experience in Marketing and Customer Service.


Kevin Shares his Idea with Nikias

Kevin and Nikias View on Blanzat, Auvergne

Nikias goes on a business trip to Clermont-Ferrand and doesn’t miss the opportunity to meet up with Kevin. After a year full of experience, Kevin brought his idea to Nikias who, passionate about traveling and perfumes, is immediately hooked. He also sees the marketing potential of such a concept. Nikias goes back to Manchester while Kevin stays in Clermont-Ferrand working for one of the biggest tyres’ manufacturers in the world: Michelin. Despite the distance, the two brothers continue to develop the project by chatting on WhatsApp and meeting occasionally to discuss their plans.


The idea turns into a real project

Kevin and Nikias - Wedding of their best friend

October 2017 is a major turning point – after defining the project for months and conducting some market research, the two brothers decided to start a business together. There were lots of work to do but they are on the right path to fulfil their dreams. 


Official Launch of Natural Evasion


After 10 years of planning, hard work and strong friendship their teenage dream comes true. The company was officially launched the 4th of March 2019! Natural Evasion is born from the combination of skills, passion and vision of two brothers.