Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Natural Evasion is different?

Natural Evasion is a universe created from the marriage of our senses and nature. It’s based on important guidelines to give you the best experience through the smell and image that our products represent.

Our perfumes are much more than just natural extracts: why is that?

It is because our perfumes are not solely based on natural extracts. The primary purpose is not only to maintain the original scent of the natural extract but also to ensure that our fragrances are enhanced without affecting the main olfactory aspects of the scent which is an ART in itself. Our objective is to make the perfume more airy and light to last longer thanks to top notes, heart notes and base notes. This process needs more ingredients and most importantly special skills. 

Depending on the country, the concentration of natural extracts within a perfume is regulated. To create a fragrance as we want with all these restrictions is extremely complicated and this is the reason why our perfumes are real olfactory gems.


Everything is handmade to ensure the quality of each and every one of our products.

Environmentally Friendly

At Natural Evasion, our top priority is to use as many natural extracts as possible in our products. In fact, even the alcohol in our fragrances originates from the process of beet distillation.  


No Animal Testing

We do not conduct any tests on animals during the entire production process. We strictly forbid the use of animal products. Our creations are 100% vegan🐰.



When the majority of products on the market use various synthetic additives such as dyes, UV filters, emollients, emulsifying agents, antioxidants… Natural Evasion believes in simplicity.

We use only 2 ingredients in our perfumes: our natural alcohol and our precious perfume concentrate, nothing more, nothing less! If you want to make sure of it, just have a look at the list of ingredients on our packaging.

Quality suppliers

Quality Suppliers

We take the environmental impacts of companies very seriously. That’s why we choose our suppliers with care to make sure they respect the environment and have a quality management process.

Customer Service, we take care of everything!

Website, Product conception, Packaging, Stickers, Mailings, Regulations… We manage and take care of every aspect of Natural Evasion to have a better control of our business. We also try to adapt as fast as possible according to your needs.